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At Branding Mate, we don't just follow trends; we create them. Our ingenious influencer marketing experts craft strategies, identify influencers and execute captivating campaigns that engage your target audience. Over the years, leading brands and agencies have put their trust in our influencer marketing services to manage their campaigns. We believe in leaving a lasting impact so your customers keep on coming for more. With our data-driven tactics and unwavering creativity, we go above and beyond to maximize your revenue and create an impression that your customers will never forget.


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Branding Mate provides the best influencer marketing services in the region. We have a dedicated team of digital marketers who understand your needs and drive an influencer marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs. Whether you are looking to promote your small business or launch a new product, our marketing specialists will empower your campaign with an ideal game plan that will take your business to another level. When you sign up for our influencer marketing services, you will get revolutionary features, including:

Dedicate Outreach Team

Our dedicated outreach team excels in identifying the perfect influencers that resonate with your brand and drive remarkable engagement. With passion and expertise, we build authentic relationships, craft compelling campaigns, and seamlessly execute every aspect of your influencer marketing strategy.

Target Audience Research

As the digital world continues to expand, finding the right target audience and their preferred platform can be a task in itself. Influencers have their niche, so with them, it is easy to reach the audience you are willing to target. Our digital marketing experts do a detailed analysis of your brand and its offerings to find the right audience.

Influencer Research

After finding the right audience for your niche, we move forward to do influencer research. Our dedicated outreach team has a pool of influencers belonging to different niches. For instance, if you are a furniture company, we have around 150+ micro and macro influencers from multiple locations who work in this niche. We will engage with the influencers, send them your creative brief, discuss the project objectives with them and bring them onboard. After analyzing your budget and needs, we will recommend you the best influencers for your campaign.

Custom Strategy

Once we have shortlisted the influencers, we will propose a personalized strategy that aligns with your needs. Our digital marketing strategists use trusted analytical tools and data-driven approach to prepare a campaign that considers the search patterns of your target audience and their influencer preferences. Once it is complete, you can add your recommendations and tell us your preferences. Once it is approved, we will go live with the campaign.

Transparent Reporting

To maintain trust, we believe in transparency. Once the campaign is up and running, we will provide you access to our monitoring tools so you can watch the influencer marketing campaign and its performance in real-time. If you’re too busy for it, don’t worry, our dedicated project managers will provide you regular updates on the project.

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Fostering Long Term Partnerships Since 2008

Branding Mate’s expertise in influencer marketing services helped us reach a wider audience and connect with our target market authentically. Our brand's growth has been phenomenal, and we owe it to their fantastic team at Branding Mate.

Cosmetic Company Founder

I was amazed by the results that Branding Mate delivered for my brand. Their dedicated outreach team connected us with influencers who truly resonated with our values, resulting in impactful collaborations and increased brand recognition. The growth we experienced was beyond our expectations.

Author and Entrepreneur

Branding Mate's influencer marketing services transformed our social media presence. They curated engaging campaigns that captivated our audience, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty. We can't thank them enough for their exceptional work and dedication to our success.

Fashion Company Marketing Manager

Their tailored approach and data-driven strategies brought tangible results for our brand. Their ability to foster strong partnerships with influencers made a significant impact on our overall growth and credibility in the market

Fitness Brand Marketing Director

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Why you should invest in Influencer
Marketing Services

Reach More People

Social media ads have become the go-to option for brands to create brand awareness through targeted campaigns however, it requires a lot of budget, testing, and time to reach the right audience. Influencer marketing has simplified this as people see influencer content more frequently compared to a brand’s. Once you start reaching your target audience, more people will be aware of your brand, and ultimately you will witness a boost in sales.

Win Consumers Trust

Consumers trust peers and influencers more than the brand itself. By investing in influencer marketing services, you can maximize the impact on shoppers. Partnering up with trusted influencers helps you to generate more sales and revenue as they are vouching for your brand’s reliability, integrity, and overall credibility while promoting it.

More Leads, More Sales

Influencer marketing not only generates more leads but quality leads for your business. By doing minimal investments in influencer marketing services, you can generate impressive ROI. Some studies suggest that you can earn up to 650% ROI with influencer marketing. The potential for new leads, conversions, and sales makes influencer marketing a must-consider strategy.

Convert Faster

By opting for influencer marketing services, you can accelerate consumers’ buying journeys. According to multiple studies, influencer marketing converts 2X faster than organic search. Moreover, influencer marketing can also contribute to your organic marketing efforts, like bringing valuable traffic on your website.

Retain More Customers

It costs more to retain a customer than to bring a new one on board as companies struggle to retain existing clients. However, influencer marketing has made it possible. By investing in influencer marketing services, you can improve your customer retention rate up to 40%.

More than 90%

of social media users trust an influencer’s recommendation over a brand

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