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Grow faster in your geographical location with result-driven Local SEO Services

The best way to get your site in front of people in your area is through local SEO marketing—partner with the industry’s leading local SEO experts and dominate your local market with Branding Mate.

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At Branding Mate, our approach extends beyond on-page optimisation. Yes, local citations are crucial, but we work on the most important ranking factor, which is backlinks or local link building. To rank your local business higher in Google, you need a link-building strategy that provides enhanced social proof, higher visibility, and improved trust. With the fusion of these factors, Branding Mate ensures to rank your website on a local level and converts your traffic into revenue. In fact, last year, we generated 3.4 Million calls for our clients through local SEO.

Our customised local SEO solutions include:

  • Links from authoritative websites
  • Winning links that your competitors are using
  • Buying quality links
  • Citation Management
  • On-site local SEO
  • Getting you listed in the most relevant business directories
  • Getting you in the Google 3-pack
  • A dedicated Local SEO expert alongside a digital marketing team

Become a local sensation with intriguing Local SEO Services

Rise above the local competition and become the king of your area with the best local SEO experts.

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Clients Speak Out on Their Business Transformation

Branding Mate's local SEO consulting service has been a game-changer for my business. They provided valuable insights and strategies to improve my local search rankings, resulting in increased visibility and more customers. Highly recommended!

John, Small Business Owner.

Thanks to Branding Mate's local SEO consulting, my website now appears at the top of local search results. Their team helped optimise my online presence, driving targeted traffic to my business. They truly know how to make an impact in the local market!

Sarah, Local Retailer.

We were struggling to get noticed in our local market until we hired Branding Mate for their exceptional local SEO services. Their expertise and attention to detail helped us improve our search rankings and attract more local customers. The results speak for themselves – increased website traffic, higher conversions, and a stronger local presence.

Emma, E-commerce Store Owner.
Hire a Local SEO Mate for your business

Why do I need to improve my Local SEO & do link-building?

This is a very extensive question, but the answer is quite simple. Around 46% of all searches on Google are local in nature, which is why local SEO is important, as it improves your business’ visibility to local consumers when they search for local businesses. Other than that, numerous benefits are associated with local link building, such as:

  • Improvement in local traffic, both on-site and off-site
  • Higher rankings on SERPS
  • Better site metrics and SEO scores
  • Improved domain authority and trust
  • Increased sales, conversion, and click-through rate
  • Better B2B and customer relationships
  • Higher visibility and lower bounce rate
  • Better user engagement and more followers on social media

Struggling to find the spotlight in your local area?

Become a local icon with fascinating Local SEO services that bring local traffic and drive more revenue while you sit at the top of every search engine.

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Transforming struggling businesses
into local success stories

Struggling to make a mark in your local market? Our local SEO service is here to turn your business into a local success story. Branding Mate specializes in optimizing your online presence, making sure your business gets the visibility it deserves. See how we transformed small businesses into local sensations.

Joe's Plumbing - Doubling Leads with Local SEO

I am a local plumbing expert based in Rye, East Sussex. I was struggling to generate leads and get online traffic on my website. Local SEO professionals at Branding Mate helped me see a 150% increase in website traffic, leading to a 70% boost in service inquiries. By appearing in top local search results, I got 50% more customers from my local area, resulting in a 35% revenue growth within just three months.

Brew Haven Coffee – 200% foot traffic 50 orders per day with Local SEO

We wanted to attract more customers and become a neighborhood favorite cafe. Branding Mate enhanced our online visibility and customer engagement. With their Local SEO techniques, Brew Haven experienced a 200% surge in foot traffic, with a 150% increase in online reviews and recommendations. The shop's social media following skyrocketed by 300%, resulting in more daily orders. We thank the Local SEO experts at Branding Mate for establishing Brew Haven Coffee as a go-to destination in the local coffee scene.

Don’t want to hire a full-time agency for Local SEO? You can do it yourself!

Local SEO is not very different from organic SEO, in fact, there is only one difference. While doing local SEO, you just have to pay more attention and focus on location and geography. For instance, if you are an East London coffee shop, there is no reason you would want to rank highly in West London search results. Instead, you want the people of East London to find you. That’s where local SEO comes into play, as you’d like more organic traffic coming towards you.

Here’s how you can improve local SEO for your business:

Optimize and Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (formerly GMB or Google My Business) is the most critical part of your local SEO strategy. Since Google supports, verifies, and shares its own content, GMB is an ideal tool to help your business meet Google’s ranking requirements. With an optimized GMB, you can appear higher on local organic searches and snack pack results.
Here are some important techniques to optimize Google My Business:

  • Create and Verify a Google Business Profile Page (link it with a short content blog related to GMB like how to create GMB page)
  • Post engaging Google posts like uploading pictures and videos of the inside of your office/store or even the surroundings
  • Encourage your customers to post Google Reviews
  • Provide business details like business hours, working days, additional phone numbers, etc.

If Google can verify your business as authentic, your business could be rewarded with a coveted sidebar space in Google's local search. You can further optimize your GMB profile by regularly sharing business updates and fresh content. Experts at Branding Mate optimize your Google Business Profile with unique techniques. We regularly update your content so you can appear higher on local searches.

Stay Active on social media

To improve your search result rankings, you should use social media strategically. For starters, it is important to optimize your social media profiles for maximum conversion, channeling your followers directly to your website.

It is advised to add Social Media to your local SEO strategy as it provides endless opportunities to generate linkless backlinks. The theory is simple: any link or online mention of your brand, including social mentions, is a net positive to Google. These social media optimization tips can help you create a powerful local SEO strategy.

  • Improve your about pages and social biographies by infusing your core business keywords. These components are highly underrated and can be important in shaping your local SEO strategy. Once you add keywords to your bio, Google can rank your business by associating these keywords with your business.
  • Facebook reviews are super important to improve your local SEO. These reviews are actually displayed on the search results, so don’t neglect them. Make sure to get reviews on local citation sites like Google and Yelp but don’t ignore Facebook.
  • Be consistent with your content. The more you are in front of your audience, the more likely you will be talked about throughout the web.
  • Social Landing Pages or Link in Bio pages are another social media tool to improve your local SEO. These mobile-friendly pages direct your followers to other pages, apps, and content you are looking to promote. This will not only direct traffic to the links you are promoting but also help Google to understand your content.

If Google can verify your business as authentic, your business could be rewarded with a coveted sidebar space in Google's local search. You can further optimize your GMB profile by regularly sharing business updates and fresh content. Experts at Branding Mate optimize your Google Business Profile with unique techniques. We regularly update your content so you can appear higher on local searches.

Create local content

Content plays a bigger role in your local SEO strategy than you think. Whether it is for optimizing your web pages for local clients or posting local business blogs, content marketing should be a part of your local SEO strategy. But there are some important points that you should keep in mind while leveraging your local SEO strategy.

  • Write Local Content Web pages or social accounts aren’t the only places to post local content. Your blog can be an important tool to attract local customers who are interested in your services. Get creative in your blog by writing about local trends, business updates, events, and more to penetrate the local market and reach the relevant audience.
  • Publish Guest posts on local publications Guest posting is one of the most effective content strategies for local SEO. It helps in driving links and traffic to your business website. You may not always earn links with guest posting, but you can always attract their local customer base to your business. For example, Digital Monk is an authoritative UK publication that often publishes content for local businesses and bloggers. If you are a UK business owner, these types of websites can earn more local traffic for your business. These blogs are well-indexed by search engines and are highly associated with a particular city, region, or neighborhood.
  • Grow Local Audience on Social Media (personalized content, local events) Social media is the easiest yet the most effective way to create a local audience. It can play a vital role in improving your local SEO with its offerings. Like you can create local events on Facebook and promote them to attract local customers. Creating personalized and location-specific content for your target audience is advised to create awareness among them about your offerings and services. You can also write blog posts about upcoming promotional events and share them on social media to drive additional traffic.

Ensure NAP consistency

Nap Citations are online platforms that mention your name, address, and phone number (NAP). Usually, they appear on business directories and social media profiles. To ensure that your business is legitimate and trustworthy, Google uses NAP citations. Although Google is the most used search engine worldwide, other major citation websites like Apple, Bing Maps, Yelp, and Facebook also exist. We also recommend using NAP citations on your website’s contact page and being consistent. Look out for any kind of spelling mistakes, address, and phone number discrepancies, duplicate listings, and fix them to improve your local SEO.

Add Map and Location pages on your website

Location pages indicate areas where you provide your services. Maps and location landing pages can contribute in ranking your business higher in Google search results. A strategically crafted Location Landing Page has the power to captivate potential customers, regardless of how they discover your business – be it through your store finder or a Google search. These informative and engaging pages enhance your website's visibility in organic search results and position you prominently in the coveted Google 3-Pack.

Focus on Local link building

Link building is all about getting other websites to link pages to your website. These links are also called backlinks. High quality backlinks mean a higher ranking on search results. Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Google rankings. Backlinks are the "votes of confidence" that propel your website to new heights. Google and other major search engines recognize backlinks as proof of your content's value, credibility, and usefulness. They are the secret ingredient to skyrocketing your pages to the top of search results.
Some most popular link-building strategies are:

  • Content marketing
  • Email outreach
  • Broken link building
  • Unlinked brand mentions
  • PR

Build credibility with more customer reviews

Reviews are essential to create social proof, build credibility and validate your expertise. Customer reviews boost the confidence of your potential buyer in your products and services. Customers regularly read reviews; that’s why Google recommends businesses reply to them to show they value their customers.

Getting reviews is a steady and ongoing process. If you ask for too many reviews at once, a sudden flooding of good reviews can look suspicious and may result in filtering on some platforms. It is advised not to be pushy, provide good services and let the good reviews come organically.

Improve your rankings with our customized
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Branding Mate offers a handful of Local SEO services. Our one-stop-shop includes:

Local Keyword
Google Business Profile or
GMB Optimization
Review Management
and ORM
First Party Data
Local Link
Guest Posting on
local publications
Local On page SEO
for the Website
Local Citation
Featuring your business in Industry
Related Blogs and Directories

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