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Branding Mate not only represents influential personalities but turns them into thought leaders and industry experts. We have emerged as a global resource for media, event organizing, podcasts, and brands that seek keynote speakers, advisors, and corporate trainers. With our media outreach programs, we work on getting you featured in different media outlets and speaking sessions. This includes opportunities like TEDx Talks, international conferences, and panel discussions.
As a premium personal branding agency, Branding Mate’s goal is to make your speaking engagements as impactful as possible. From negotiating with media outlets to managing your travel and accommodations, we do it all.

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Why is Branding Mate the World’s Leading Personal Branding Agency?

Over the years, Branding Mate has empowered individuals and corporations with its go-to personal branding strategies. No matter where you are in your personal branding journey, we can help. As a premium personal branding agency, we understand that personal branding is a strategic marketing imperative. It doesn’t happen overnight and demands consistent efforts. When you sign up with Branding Mate, we ensure to build something for you that will leave a lasting impact on the audience. Whether it's about attracting fantastic employees, winning amazing clients, or boosting your revenue, we are your best mates.

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Influential leaders we have helped so far!

Edward Cross

Life Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

We developed a content strategy that included regular blog posts, engaging social media content, and insightful videos on personal growth topics. Simultaneously, we pitched Edward as a speaker at industry conferences and events.

Jessica Roberts

Marketing Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert

We curated a series of articles showcasing Jessica's insights, trends, and strategies in leading marketing publications. Additionally, we secured features for her in relevant industry magazines.

Mark Espinoza

Technology Innovator

Our personal branding consultants facilitated strategic partnerships and orchestrated a PR campaign, positioning Mark as a forward-thinking tech visionary. This included collaborations, joint ventures, and media outreach.

Josephine McLane

Venture Capitalist & Life Coach

As her personal branding agency, we conceptualized and produced a podcast series featuring stories of women who had overcome challenges and achieved success. Additionally, we facilitated partnerships with women-centric organizations to extend Josephine's reach.

Emily George

Wellness Coach

Our personal branding team developed a content-rich website that shared Lisa's journey, philosophy, and practical wellness tips. We also organized virtual workshops on mindfulness and holistic health, leveraging her entrepreneurial experiences.

Alicia Swift

Financial Industry Thought Leader

Our personal branding consultants recognized Alicia’s expertise and crafted a tailored ghostwriting strategy. Regularly collaborating with her, we transformed her ideas into compelling articles that showcased her insights.

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Roadmap To Personal Branding Success

With a team of industry-leading personal branding consultants, Branding Mate follows a clear-cut strategy that drives you the recognition you deserve. Our innovative approach to personal branding involves detailed brand research to craft a narrative that converts the target audience into loyal followers. Here's a sneak peek of our process.

  • Project and Requirement
  • Developing & Implementing
    Brand Strategy
  • Update & Improve
  • Onboarding
  • Conduct Market
  • Evaluation & Feedback
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