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Improve customer retention and build lasting relationships by connecting with your target audience right on their phones. SMS marketing is said to be the most reliable communication strategy as it brings your brand closer to your target audience. Branding Mate empowers your marketing efforts with a competitive SMS marketing strategy enabling you to create a direct and personal interaction with your customers and ultimately convert them. Using the best tools available, we make your SMS Marketing Campaign successful.

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To Text or Not to Text?

This question is a no-brainer. Text messages are opened 98% of the time, making it the highest open rate of any other marketing channel. So yes, you should definitely text! As the industry’s pioneers, Branding Mate understands the potential of SMS marketing. We have integrated four different services to fire up your SMS campaigns, making them a revenue machine for your business.

Our SMS Marketing Service Includes:

SMS Copywriter

From delivering compelling messages to adding engaging emojis, our seasoned SMS copywriters craft impactful text messages that keep your audience engaged and drive exceptional results.

SMS Designer

A dedicated SMS designer will use a mixture of GIFs and Images to engage the audience and encourage conversions, guiding your SMS Marketing Campaign to success.

SMS Marketing Specialist

Once you sign up with Branding Mate, you will be connected with our SMS marketing specialist. Their expertise ensures a smooth experience as they guide you through every step of the process.

Detailed Reports

To keep you up to date about our efforts, SMS Marketing Specialist will provide you with monthly detailed reports. These reports will help us analyze campaign performance and results so we can optimize your success.

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See what our clients say about our SMS Marketing services

I couldn't be happier with the SMS Marketing Campaign run by Branding Mate. They truly understand the power of SMS Marketing for Retail. The SMS Blast marketing strategy they implemented brought us a surge of customers and boosted our revenue. They are definitely the go-to for effective SMS marketing!

Retail Business Owner

If you're looking for top-notch SMS Marketing services, look no further than Branding Mate. Their SMS Marketing Campaigns are designed for success, especially for restaurants. The SMS Blast marketing approach is powerful and has significantly increased our customer reach and conversions. Highly satisfied with their services!

Coffee Shop Owner

Branding Mate's SMS Marketing Campaign was a game-changer for our company. Their targeted approach and well-crafted messages helped us reach our customers effectively. Our sales soared, and we received an incredible response from our SMS Blast marketing. Highly recommended!

Marketing Manager

The Most Reliable Way To Improve
Customer Communications

Looking to reach a wider audience at low costs? You should opt for Branding Mate’s SMS Marketing Services. To thrive in this highly competitive era, you need SMS marketing in your arsenal as you don’t want to risk losing a potential customer. SMS marketing offers numerous benefits, and with time it is proved to be better than most of the highly-rated digital marketing channels.

Instant Impact

Unlike emails, which sometimes take days to deliver, an SMS reaches your intended recipient in less than 7 seconds. With the correct number, you can be confident your message will be delivered – and at lightning speed

Budget Friendly

Compared to other marketing options, SMS marketing is cheap and budget-friendly. It costs around 3.7 cents per message, making it highly affordable to reach a wider audience at once. Branding Mate also offers flexible SMS marketing packages, so you can get volume discounts as your number expands.

Targeted Messaging

SMS marketing allows you to target your whole database of contacts, a sub-group, or even an individual. Sending personalized messages to each one of the recipients is the key to success. SMS marketing makes it quick and easy to set up templates and customize an SMS each time you send one out. Consumers are much more likely to respond to a message that appeals specifically to them than to a generic one.

No Delivery Barriers

If your business model relies on email marketing, you must have encountered that your emails are dropping into customers’ spam folders. That’s not the case in SMS marketing. The open rate of SMS messages has been reported to be as high as 90% compared to just 20% for emails. There are no barriers to delivery, making SMS marketing more reliable. .

Immediate Adjustments

Imagine running a TV or Print ad; how long will it take to make small changes? Sometimes it isn’t even possible as it is already live. But that is not the case in SMS marketing. You can make adjustments, changes, or add whatever you like right at the moment in your SMS.

Personalize your Customer experience with SMS Marketing Campaign

To catch the attention of your target audience, personalized marketing has become increasingly important. It ensures that the brand understands and values its customers. Branding Mate connects brands with their customers on a deeper level. With a team of SMS Marketing professionals, we use customer data to create targeted and personalized messages so you can build loyalty and increase conversions. Whether you are looking for a B2C, retail, or B2B SMS marketing service, we’ve got you covered with our tailored strategies. So what are you waiting for? Start your SMS Marketing Journey Today!

Become a local sensation with intriguing Local SEO Services

Rise above the local competition and become the king of your area with the best local SEO experts.

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Stay on top of the mind of your customers and keep them updated with all the information with bulk SMS Marketing service. Experts at Branding Mate design customized SMS Marketing Campaigns for businesses to improve loyalty and engagement by sending personalized bulk messages to groups or individual recipients. Get heard and convert your customers on the go with Bulk SMS Marketing.

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