What makes Branding Mate the Best YouTube Marketing Company?

YouTube Channel Monetization

Struggling to get your YouTube monetize? Branding Mate can help. From optimizing your channel to achieving the required watch time and subscribers, our agency will get the revenue kicking.

YouTube SEO

YouTube marketing experts at Branding Mate will empower your content by integrating professional SEO practices with your YouTube marketing efforts so your content can appear higher in search results.

Video Description Copywriting

Our in-house team of YouTube copywriters will write compelling descriptions for your videos that are SEO optimized and serves the purpose.

Intriguing Thumbnail Designs

The best way to pique the itch of your subscribers is an intriguing thumbnail. We will design thumbnails to spark visitors’ curiosity so your content can get more views.

More Views and Engagement

YouTube Marketing experts at Branding Mate will empower you with content ideas and strategies to get you more views. Besides compelling content, we keep your audience engaged with 24/7 community management.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Advertising experts at Branding Mate know how to keep viewers hooked. We create targeted YouTube ads that hit the bullseye of your audience, maximizing your visibility and boosting ROI.

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Looking To Rank Higher in
YouTube Searches?

Other than brand awareness, every content creator aims to earn from YouTube. And it is only possible if your video appears at the top of YouTube searches. But how are you going to do it? Branding Mate has the answer! Here’s how our YouTube Marketing professionals boost your presence on YouTube.

Innovative Content Ideas

Content is the King! Whether you are writing a blog or creating a YouTube video, the objective is to create relevant, trending content that adds value to keep your audience engaged. At Branding Mate, we have marketing professionals always on their toes when it comes to searching for innovative content ideas. We help you to create content that no one else is producing. However, it’s very difficult but not impossible if you have a dedicated team of researchers.

YouTube’s algorithm works just like its parent company, Google. YouTube works as a search engine. It is designed to show users the best, most relevant, and value-added content possible. Just like Google, YouTube also wants content creators to create content that adds value for the visitors. And the easiest yet the hardest way to add value is by maintaining consistency. The more consistent you are with your content, the more chances that people will visit your channel again and eventually become your loyal subscribers.

To maintain consistency on your YouTube channel, you should produce series instead of individual videos. When you add multiple related videos to a playlist, the viewer can watch all these videos without lifting a finger. That makes the algorithm happy, ensuring that your content is good and valuable. Once you signup with Branding Mate, we will brainstorm ideas relevant to your niche so you create a logical playlist and enjoy YouTube success.

YouTube SEO

We have already mentioned that YouTube works as a search engine. Just like Google, YouTube also uses ranking signals to organize search results. Getting more views on your videos is just a mere dream if you are unaware of YouTube SEO. Branding Mate is a 360-degree digital marketing agency. Our team of YouTube SEO experts knows the trick to bring you to the top of search results. First, we will do in-depth keyword research and provide you with the best keywords that have the potential to rank higher. We make sure that selected keywords appear in the title of your video. It would be better to start your video title with a keyword. Another attribute that contributes to YouTube ranking is SEO-optimized video description. It is important to add keywords in your video description to rank higher. Keep in mind that there is a difference between keyword stuffing and keyword targeting. Branding Mate has a dedicated team of YouTube copywriters who generate SEO-optimized descriptions for your videos. They avoid stuffing too many keywords to dodge over optimization. Additionally, we add video tags before uploading your video. Video tags are different from YouTube hashtags. Unlike hashtags, they are invisible to the viewers. We use video tags to target your primary keyword and its close variations. As a result, when a user searches for a video that doesn’t contain the exact keyword, your video will show up for a similar search intent. This method enhances discoverability and reach so you can capture a broader audience.

Social Media Integration

If you have an established social media community, why not bring them to your YouTube channel? You might have tried posting links of your YouTube videos to your Facebook page, but let us break it to you that it won’t be very much helpful. Just like Twitter, YouTube is also a competitor of Facebook. Why would Facebook want its user to migrate from their platform to your YouTube channel? Don’t worry, we are here with the solution.

There are multiple ways to get the word out on social media. For starters, whenever you plan to upload a video on your YouTube channel, post the teaser or preview of the same video on your social platform, i.e., Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to add your YouTube link in the caption. Many content creators do that. You might have seen their videos with the caption ‘watch the complete video on YouTube.’ The sole purpose is to divert traffic and get more views. Dropping a link will also contribute to the SEO, as your channel will get a backlink from an account with a good number of followers. If you are not good with making teasers, we’ve got in-house video editors who can facilitate you.

Moreover, we promote your YouTube videos by making short-form video content, i.e., reels on Instagram and Facebook. Reels are still new, so they are still getting organic reach without needing thousands of followers to get your content viral. We create reels to reach a wider audience and drive traffic on your YouTube channel to boost your rankings.

Another strategy that we use is community management. Dedicated community managers at Branding Mate will engage in conversations with accounts who ask what your video already addresses. This would bring more traffic to your channel, boost its reach, and, more importantly, its free targeting marketing.

Profitable Collaborations

If you work in a competitive niche, it is important to build symbiotic relationships with your fellow YouTubers and influencers. It is not necessary that you keep a beef with a content creator with a similar set of audience as you. The goal is to add value for your subscribers and viewers, and what could be better if two of their favorite content creators collaborate?

Branding Mate can connect you with the best content creators and influencers in your niche. It will help you to get more exposure, and you can end up reaching people who were unaware of your brand or channel. This is the quickest way to boost engagement and reach. Our dedicated outreach team will connect you with established YouTube content creators and social media influencers of your niche so you can build more authority, enjoy a fresher fan base, and ultimately rank higher in the search results.

Tired of Being Invisible? Let's Make Your YouTube
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Fire up your digital campaigns with
YouTube Shorts

Consumers find Short-form video content 2.5x more engaging.

As digital industry pioneers, we stay one step ahead of the competition and want to do the same for our clients. Whether it's about keeping up with the trend or capturing the audience via the latest upgrades, we always come on top. YouTube shorts, the newest addition to YouTube, can be the best way to engage and build brand awareness with your audience. Branding Mate will revamp your YouTube presence by adding relevant micro-vertical video content to your YouTube marketing strategy, which will ultimately turn viewers into customers.

Connect Your Audience with Innovative Storytelling

Our YouTube marketing service is more than just clicks and views – it's about crafting narratives that resonate, inspire, and drive results. With our expert YouTube marketing service, we seamlessly blend creativity and strategy to bring your brand to life. We don't just create videos; we orchestrate experiences. Through compelling visuals, insightful narratives, and a deep understanding of your target audience, we connect your message with hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark. Ready to turn your views into victories? Explore our YouTube marketing services today!

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Monetize My YouTube Channel

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Lights, Camera, Conversion: How We Make Brands Shine With Our YouTube Magic

Boosting Sales with Engaging Product Videos


An e-commerce startup aimed to increase brand visibility and sales for its unique line of eco-friendly products.


Our YouTube Marketing experts created a series of short and engaging product showcase videos highlighting the benefits and features of each item. Strategic video optimization and promotion led to increased visibility.


Within three months, the client experienced a 40% surge in website traffic directly from YouTube. The engaging videos contributed to a 30% increase in conversions, driving a significant revenue spike.

Expanding Local Business Reach through How-To Guides


A local gardening supply store sought to expand its customer base beyond the local community.


Our YouTube Marketing experts crafted a series of informative how-to gardening guides, covering topics from planting techniques to seasonal care. Thorough keyword research and targeted promotion attracted a broader audience.


The videos gained traction both locally and nationally, resulting in a 25% increase in online sales and a 15% rise in foot traffic to the physical store.

Launching a New Product Line with Pre-Roll Ads


An established consumer electronics brand sought to create buzz around its latest product line launch.


Our YouTube Marketing experts utilized YouTube pre-roll ads, capturing users' attention before their selected videos. The ads showcased the product's sleek design, innovative features, and user testimonials.


The pre-roll ad campaign generated over 5 million views and garnered a 20% click-through rate. The brand experienced a 30% surge in online sales for the new product line within the first month of the campaign.

Don’t Know How To Start A YouTube Ad Campaign?

You know you need a YouTube ad campaign but unsure how to start, that’s when you need an expert YouTube Advertising agency. Branding Mate will help you optimize your videos, execute successful YouTube ad campaigns, and monitor campaign performance—partner with the best YouTube Marketing agency in town to achieve desired results for your campaigns.

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